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Wed, Aug. 10th, 2005, 02:46 pm
Month 4 pictures

I forgot to put these up here. It's been 4 months (well, 4.5 now) and here are my progress pictures.

I didn't expect there to be very much change this month.  After all, I've only lost 13 pounds and my sizes seem to be just a little smaller than they were at the start of last month.  However, I can see a difference in my pictures.  Can you?

I'm wearing my new jeans, which are already getting a little loose and a top I bought at Gap.  It's an XL.  But not a plus size.  That makes me feel very proud, even though I know it's stretchy.  Because it's still an XL from Gap.  I haven't been able to wear anything from Gap in over  a decade.  Woo hoo.  I wanna go back and get one in every color!

Month4_front_so_farFront (the picture should open to a larger image if you click on it.)  I can see a change -- especially in my face.  I think my neck looks a little longer, which is good as I've always thought I looked like my head rested on my shoulders.  And my face looks a lot more lined.  Not so good, but then again it looks a lot less like a moon.  I do seem to have developed "helmet" head hair.  Or, as HWLBO commented when we were looking at the pictures, my hair gives me a kind of Darth Vader look.  (The force is with you young Skywalker, but you are not a Jedi yet.)

Month4_right_so_farSide picture.  Okay, can I just say that it makes such a difference to have a bra that really supports?  Not only does it look better to have my breasts up off my stomach (sheesh!) but it feels so much better.  This one is worth every cent of the $65 it cost.  If I didn't think so before, I sure do after seeing this picture. Other thoughts?  It's frustrating to see my arms.  They're not at all looking good, they don't feel like they're losing weight, except that the skin is getting all loose and hanging down.  Add to that that I have years worth of eczema scars on my arms and I'm left just hoping that somehow my stretched out skin finds a way to snap back.   Still got that stomach.  When will it leave?  Don't they say that low carb diets get rid of belly fat first?  Please please!

Month4_back_so_far And last but not least (because it's certainly not the smallest or anything) the backside shot.  I can see a difference and these jeans are flattering.  Sadly, the picture also gives an even better look at my arms.  They need help -- I have to go get some weights or something.  I'm also enjoying having shoulders again and can't wait until my upper arms aren't wider than my shoulders when my arms are at rest.