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Tue, Jun. 21st, 2005, 02:57 pm
Moments of WLS Humor

These may not seem funny to you, but in the manner of the lame comedian, I laughed for about 20 minutes after each.

2 nights ago, I fixed myself a very small plate of food, sat down and realized I'd only be able to eat a third or so of it. So I put some in the 'fridge and came back to the table.

Husband: Are your eyes bigger than your stomach?
Me: Yeah... matter of fact, they are.

Last night:
We've been having a very rough time financially in the last 6 months as my husband is still waiting for the bloody INS (or whatever they call themselves these days) to send him a work permit so he can go back to his job. It's been discouraging for him and me so last night I was trying to boost both our spirits by talking about the good stuff we're going to be taking from this experience.

Me: "No, it's really good. I feel like we've gotten a much better handle on our expenses. I'm not impulse shopping nearly so much, we're being a lot more careful when we go out. Mostly though, I'm cooking at home a lot more and I think that's saving us a ton on our food dollar."

Him: Just stares at me.

Me: "Or it could be that I've had 85% of my stomach removed. Yeah, that's probably made my food a lot cheaper...."

[close on us both laughing, me so hard I end up making attractive snorting noises.]

Tue, Jun. 21st, 2005 10:03 pm (UTC)

*waves* I saw that you added me and I've added you back, including to my special Surgery Filter.

I can definitely relate on both of these accounts. It's weird to adjust to all this, isn't it?